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"Chronic pain is one of the most prevalent and least addressed medical problems of this century." /Dr. Nikola Djordjevic, MD/


CRYOTHERAPY may well be the world's best kept secret against pain, as it fights inflammation - the reason behind many painful conditions. LET'S MAKE IT KNOWN!

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We started the 1M People Pain Free initiative for THREE REASONS: 

(1) By far too many people live in pain - can't work, can't play, can't sleep the way they used to. Statistically, 3/4 of Americans have either experienced chronic pain themselves or have a close family member or a friend who has.

By far too many rely mainly on pain pills that mask the symptoms, but deepen the cause of their pain - chronic inflammation.

We want EVERY PERSON IN PAIN to understand the benefits of holistic methods, like cryotherapy, and to use them.

(2) Many cryotherapy locations  would love more clients.  At the same time, many people in need for help live or work next door from a cryotherapy business, but never go there.

We want to help CRYOTHERAPY BUSINESSES reach and serve everybody in their local community who could benefit from their services. 

(3) The number of cryotherapy locations has grown by 15,000% since 2011. The treatment is now within reach for millions, and cryotherapy has proven to be a great way to improve health. We just need to better connect treatment providers with their prospects who don't know enough about cryo yet.

We would be happy to give even a few people their lives back, but WE CAN DO MORE.

1M People Pain Free by the end of 2020 is an ambitious yet achievable goal. JOIN US IN MAKING IT HAPPEN!

We provide FREE #CryoAgainstPain RESOURCES to cryotherapy providers and users alike. Just CLAIM YOUR ACCESS:


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We have THREE MAIN GOALS for this global initiative:

(1) To deepen understanding of why and how cryotherapy can help to reduce pain, so that more people can choose better than drugs pain management alternatives.

(2) To gather data and document success stories of recovering through cryotherapy and to share them with the world, so that more people trust cryo and use it for their benefit.



Here is WHAT WE'LL PROVIDE if you join (for FREE): 

If you suffer from chronic pain:

(1) A LIBRARY OF RESOURCES with in-depth articles, tips to lessen pain naturally, and treatment regimen suggestions (just find the closest location and schedule some treatments).

(2) A COMMUNITY of people who go through the same struggles and can offer advice or support.

(3) A PLATFORM to make YOUR story heard.  It may give hope to other people like you, inspire or encourage them to take health in their own hands again.

We cannot wait to hear that YOU FEEL BETTER!

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(1) A SUCCESS PATH BLUEPRINT - free eBook with 5 easy-to-implement steps to attract more clients while also saving some marketing money. 

(2) A LIBRARY OF RESOURCES - business improvement and cryotherapy related articles, research data, case studies, success stories and ready-to-use visuals to share with your clients or use in training your employees. The resources library has a new addition of materials every week. 

(3) POS MARKETING MATERIALS (available for purchase) to spark your client's interest about cryotherapy benefits for pain management and to act as a conversation starter about their own treatment regimen.

(4) A PROVEN PROCESS to follow in your communications with clients.

(5) SUPPORT in a form of group coaching calls and Q&A sessions.

(6) INCENTIVES, RECOGNITION, and AWARENESS through the success stories you share. 

(7) A COMMUNITY of other cryotherapy business owners to share insights or advice.

P.S. We will also be working on group-priced complementary pain management PRODUCTS to boost your bottom line.

P.P.S. The best stories will go into A BOOK planned for late 2020

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NOTE: The 1M People Pain Free project will last for 15 months, from August of 2019 till November of 2020. You can join any moment throughout this period. Just consider that the sooner you come on board, the better results you can expect. This is to YOUR success.

"Go and wake up your luck!" /Persian Proverb/

Let's do some great things together!


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