Boosting the Bottom Line with Products that Sell, In-Store and Online

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This is a summary of information exchange on complementary wellness PRODUCTS THAT SELL and boost the bottom line. The discussion took place in the Cryotherapy Professionals Group on Facebook between May 11 and 17.

Not everybody has added physical products to their offering and those who have currently sell mainly in store, not online.

The article discusses choice of products, potential risks that some of them may come with, as well as underutilized opportunities. All examples were provided by cryotherapy business owners, and, for disclosure, there is NO commercial interest in mentioning any of them in this material.

Before diving into the product categories and where to find them, just one important point, made by Justin Knechtel, CEO of CryoEffect ColdSpa in Chicago:

whatever gets added should be to deliver EVEN BETTER RESULTS for the clients, not just to make more money. The message and the offer need to remain cohesive, as only then we can support the bottom line while also building authority and a stronger business. With this in mind, you may want to look into:   

More icing

Cryocenter clients have already been sold on the benefits of cold. In between visits, they may be interested in maintaining the pain relief effect of whole body or local cryotherapy by using recovery sleeves, wraps, or roller balls.

Some cryotherapy locations have successfully implemented and recommend products like:

Cryosleeves and cryospheres (cold roller balls) from Recoup Fitness,, suggested by Susan Franklin with Evansville Cryo , or cryoballs from


Applications include sore muscles, back pain, shoulder/neck pain, tight legs, shin splints, plantar fasciitis, carpal tunnel, as well as facial puffiness.

A new to the market product that may be particularly appealing in the hot season and easy to sell because of the concept is Arctic Cool shirts,


Support products

Depending on your target audience, some clients may be interested in products that help with exercise and relieve muscle tension and pain, from HyperVolt or similar massage guns,  (offered by Restore Hyperwellness & Cryotherapy) to physio balls, exercise bands, foam rollers, kinesiology tape or trigger point release balls (successfully sold by Marcus Metcalf at Recover and Icebox Cryotherapy Studios).

You may also want to consider the growing in popularity neck hammocks developed by Dr. Sudell and named “one of the best health finds of 2019”, especially if your services include massage, chiropractic adjustments or physical therapy:


Cooling or soothing creams, gels, and sprays

Apart from CBD infused topical application products that will be discussed below in more detail, some cryotherapy businesses have incorporated creams like CryoFreeze (cooling pain relief cream by CryoLuxe,

Natasha Noel Prybyla recommends propolis spray from Beekeeper’s Naturals that has been a “huge hit”:


CBD products (and related potential risks to be considered)

Riding the wave of growing in popularity, this category is easy to sell, and many cryotherapy centers have already incorporated CBD in their offerings.

Some, like Alicia Michelle at Cryo-X, recommend edibles such as CBD gummies. At their location in Grapevine, TX, products from sell best.

Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center carries full spectrum CBD from a local distributor CVCBD. “People like supporting local. A very nice boost, sells itself”, they say. Deanna Mautz is a cannabis nurse with a line of CBD.

Marcus Metcalf uses CBD Clinic for topical creams and ointments because they have different strength CBD products in their portfolio. Pain creams are the most popular at Marcus’s Recover located in Tulsa, OK.

Natasha Noel Prybyla’s clients love CBD topicals from Nature’s Root:

Doel Cruz mentions Elixicure CBD roll-ons as his biggest seller.

Justin Knechtel at CryoEffect ColdSpa concentrates only on high quality FDA approved formulas to meet the requirements of professional athletes his centers serve, including Chicago Blackhawks, Bears, and Cubs. “We have some athletes that get tested regularly and only trust certain brands that do strict testing.”  The CYTO line offered at CryoEffect is a fully traceable seed to shelf:

The use of CBD products will only go up, as people are buying them to be part of a trend in addition to some offering real pain relief and other health benefits.

CBD can be effective because humans have what is called the Endocannabinoid System (ECS), consisting of over 65 receptors that respond to cannabinoids that we naturally produce in our body. As we age, the production of natural endocannabinoids slows, and their levels reduce.

The balance of the ECS affect our moods, sleep patterns, stress levels, pain, inflammation, and other areas of our lives. Unbalanced ECS is associated with insomnia, anxiety, and even chronic pain, while more evidence is being presented that, through supplementation of cannabinoids derived from plants, some of this balance can be restored and inflammation can also be controlled.

The risks, on the other hand, lie in the lack of regulation and supply chain transparency that can affect product safety, purity, and absorption rate.

As with other herbal supplements, it is important that the product has been extracted by carbon dioxide with no solvents, is certified by the US Department of Agriculture as organic, and has been tested for pesticides/ herbicides/ heavy metals, which have been found in some products. Besides, it should be known that merely hemp seed oil, although containing nutritious Omega 3 fatty acids, does not contain any phytocannabinoids.

To choose quality products, you should always ask for the certificate of origin and product test results. In many cases the cocktail of ingredients in the distributed CBD products is unknown or undisclosed, sources may be mislabeled, and the supply chain is untraceable. Untransparent supplier’s website is the first indication that quality of the product may be compromised. Low price and bright, glowing packaging, often seen at gas stations, is another clear sign of warning.

When establishing dosage, one should rely on the manufacturer’s recommendation. Ideally, the manufacturer should be able to support you with some research results and information materials. The truth is that there are more than 750 cannabis strains known to date, and their oils have different properties that are not sufficiently studied to be distinguished. If the manufacturer sources plants from different growers, there can be significant variation between batches of seemingly the same product – another reason to look for fully traceable seed to shelf suppliers.  

If you carry CBD products, or any other products for that matter, make sure to buy them from trusted sources and consider amending your liability waiver.

Also, carrying CBD and other health products, like stem cell activating patches, can lead to insurance coverage denial or higher insurance premiums. As Victoria Goerke Dearing points out, “The few carriers left that are still writing cryotherapy have designed the policy for a “service”, not a “product”. The products offered need to be disclosed and not all will be covered.”

For example, CBD edibles are not regulated at all and are not supported by insurance companies. By Victoria Goerke Dearing, “While some of us can cover products, we like to underwrite to it. For instance, we can cover CBD products, as long as they are not gummies, cookies etc. that are attractive to children.”

Health from within: collagen, protein powders, vitamin drinks and snack bars

If working with performance-centered people or young professionals, a good addition to the product shelf could be vitamin drinks, health bars and other protein rich foods to-go.

Depending on the flow, people may want to cryo and grab a quick and healthy breakfast on their way to work.

A few cryo centers have incorporated coffee in their offerings:

Tiffany Milroy Jimerson with Chill Out Charleston offers Organo Reishi Coffee. It contains ancient Chinese mushroom Ganoderma lucidum, reported to have numerous health benefits, including improved immune function. Various brands and sellers are available.

Marcus Metcalf has started successfully selling Bulletproof Coffee products.

A good addition may be the appeared on Shark Tank ready-to-eat overnight oats Mush, sold in sealed portion size containers and available in different flavors:

Some cryopreneurs have great experience with performance drinks LIFEAID and FITAID from LIFEAID Beverage Company,

Kelly Carden with Cryo1one recommends Vital Proteins (collagen peptides, collagen water, collagen powders),

Davina Alexandra sells digestive enzymes from

Another product that seems to be trending is Athletic Greens,

To avoid dealing with orders and carrying stock, you can also set up your ONLINE health store via Get Healthy Network completely free. Their system, originally designed to serve medical practices, has been expanded to wellness centers. If you apply, they will set up a fully stocked store on their platform, provide you with a link to seamlessly integrate it into your website, and ensure all services, from processing orders and payments to deliveries, returns and complaint handling, plus provide marketing help.

Product selection is licensure-dependent, from protein powders, health bars, vitamin drinks and basic supplements to weight loss products, and more.

Check out a demo store and sign up for a set-up call via

Alkalized water

Several cryotherapy providers, including Jeana Kay and Curt Read, offer alkalized Kangen water from Enagic.

The system is designed to sell the machines, not water, after signing the clients up for 2-4-week “water trial” during which they can experience the benefits and start feeling the difference. The process also creates a side-product that is effective in disinfecting surfaces.

Curt Read, the owner of Chill Cryosauna in Orlando, FL: “We provide alkalized water from Kangen water system. We sell the systems mostly after a two-week test, we do not sell water… From the system we also make disinfectant (hydrochloric acid) which has been approved by FDA, EPA, CDC, WHO and a number of hospitals and health organizations. With this, we mist our area after a client leaves and spray down any surfaces. Also nice for the restroom.” This cleaning regimen is integrated into post-reopening Covid-19 procedures.

Branded products – apparel and practical items

T-shirts, hoodies, caps, water and shake bottles, travel mugs sound like a natural choice to sell in-store.

Some businesses, like iCryo franchises, have a wide selection of items.

Some, like CryoFit, wear their own branded apparel everywhere and present it as a health and fitness lifestyle, also available to their clients.


Many cryocenters have branded T-Shirts for their own staff that can also be purchased, without putting much focus on it.

A few principles to consider for better sales:

  1. Brand matters. Most people do not want to buy and wear items that just look like somebody’s advertisement. To have an appeal, the brand needs to be either a status symbol (like Nike), a statement of belonging to a community, or deliver a meaningful message. This is achieved by both iCryo and CryoFit, as these brand names offer an identity and a statement that people are willing to publicly make with their appearance.
  2. If your company name sounds more like a place than a statement, consider branding your apparel with only the graphic of the logo. If it is visually appealing, the likelihood that people buy will be higher than in case of offering an “advertising item”.
  3. Sell only products that have practical value for the user and have enjoyable quality, like a well-designed water bottle or a waterproof antimicrobial gym bag for a performance-oriented audience.
  4. Consider offering products for order by using a platform that allows to display designs without actually manufacturing them. Guessing colors, sizes and demand is difficult and preordering ties up cash. Marketplaces like let you present a virtual store through which each client can pick what appeals and fits.

Gift cards

During the lockdown, many businesses were still successfully selling gift cards. All year long, but particularly in the gifting season, this may be the revenue boost that you have been looking for. Online gift card purchases can also be tied to donating to charitable causes – every person who purchases a gift card gets to give twice.

There is a wide range of online gifting products and services offered now, allowing for customization of amounts, designs and messages, like for example,


THANK YOU for contributing to this content goes to all business owners who shared and commented: Justin Knechtel, Doel Cruz, Marcus Metcalf, Alicia Michelle, Deanna Mautz, Jeana Kay, Curt Read, Davina Alexandra, Natasha Noel Prybyla, Susan Franklin, Tiffany Milroy Jimerson, Kelly Carden, Victoria Goerke Dearing, Cryo-X, Rivanna Cryotherapy Recovery Center, CryoFit, iCryo, CryoLuxe, Restore HyperWellness & Cryotherapy and Icebox Cryotherapy Studios.

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