Do Not Fall for the Falsehoods Out There, Cryotherapy is NOT a Glorified Ice Bath!

@cryoprosunited Apr 17, 2019

5 Common Misconceptions Regarding Cryotherapy

Honestly, this article was written because I couldn’t stand it anymore… Last week, there was ANOTHER piece in the news in which a representative of a cryotherapy location was telling the interviewer that whole body cryotherapy was like ice bath, just faster and more comfortable. It is NOT LIKE ICE BATH! And misinforming the audience is NOT in our interest as wellness entrepreneurs!

So, I feel IT’S TIME to finally talk about the 5 overly-exploited in the public space false or misleading statements about cryotherapy that keep popping up more and more often.

It is happening because many brand-new locations keep borrowing inaccurate statements from websites of others, and media throw in their 2 cents by conducting and publishing interviews with them. There is NO INTENTION to misinform or mislead, but the result, unfortunately, is just that. Falsehoods roll down the hill like a snowball, growing by day.

So, what are the 5...

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Cryotherapy Industry is Changing. Insider's View on How to Navigate the Market and Be Prepared for What's Coming

@cryoprosunited Mar 27, 2019

Is 10 years a long time? It does not feel like it for people in their prime – there is not much difference in what one can do in mid-40-s as opposed to mid-30-s. But it’s enough for a helpless infant to turn into a smart-ass 4th-grader or for a rebellious teenager to become a young ambitious professional or a parent. So, it depends on where we are in the life cycle – dramatic change happens fast early and late in life, while much more gradual development takes place through the adult years.

The same is true about companies and about entire markets. Take-off of cryotherapy in the United States could not be a better example of it. In 10 short years, the infant has grown into a 4th grader, the parents have got some grey hair along the way, but it’s just the beginning - the “dreadful” teenage years are rapidly approaching.

This article is my insider’s look at where we are in the life cycle of cryotherapy industry, what’s happening, and...

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