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Don't waste hours researching or figuring things out on your own -

CryoProsUnited does it FOR YOU


The resources we provide to cryo business owners INCLUDE:

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Use our ever-growing library of study results, treatment regimen recommendations, case studies, success stories, DIY guides and marketing materials. Read our blog and share the articles with your audience. Take advantage of our free downloads

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Upgrade your membership to PREMIUM to get unlimited access to our proprietary content - training courses, in-depth study reports, made-for-you material downloads and ready-to-implement growth strategies. Or use one-time purchase option on the resources of your choice

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Resources from PARTNERS

Easily access additional resources provided by our partners. For example, take one of the research-based training courses developed by some of the top experts in the field of cryotherapy or add to your bottom line by setting up a completely free branded health store

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Claiming you principal membership HERE will INSTANTLY give you keys to the vault - a collection of many industry-specific resources to educate your clients, train your staff and improve the bottom line of your business. NO RISK, GREAT REWARD. JOIN TODAY:

For fresh information and ideas, READ OUR LATEST ARTICLES: 


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There is MORE to read. Scroll through the entire archive of articles here:

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Spark clients' interest with POS  MARKETING MATERIALS

The process and the benefits of cryotherapy are not widely understood. They need to be explained, and visual presentation is ALWAYS more memorable. Do it by using our professionally designed high resolution posters. Purchase a digital download for a small fraction of the cost of its development and print it in any size you want or use it for your own marketing collateral.

"How Cryotherapy Works"

High resolution digital download

$7.00 USD
"Cryotherapy Benefits"

High resolution digital download

$7.00 USD
"Cryotherapy Poster Duo"

2 high resolution digital downloads

$14.00 USD

Boost revenue - launch your own ONLINE STORE FOR FREE!

CryoProsUnited has partnered with Get Healthy Network to make GetHealthy.Store available to the US cryopractitioners. With already pre-selected health products and bundles, you now can create your own BRANDED and INTEGRATED with your website eCommerce platform at NO COST, without handling inventory, having to deal with payment processing or order fulfillment. LEARN MORE BELOW:

  • Credibility and closer relationships with clients
  • Better customer experience
  • Additional revenue
  • Better results
  • Convenience
  • Enhanced customer service
  • Selection of high quality health products at good prices

Grow your expertise, train your staff: SIGN UP FOR A COURSE

We provide industry-specific and business training developed in-house and in collaboration with expert partners. CHECK AVAILABILITY:

  • Evidence-based professionally presented content
  • Practical applicability
  • Implementation support by answering all your questions
  • Relevant to a cryotherapy business quality material
  • Convenience of unlimited online access
  • Flexibility of time, place, and pace of learning
  • Exceptional value for every $ spent

Just starting? Feeling stuck? OR scaling fast? WE MAY HELP!

Holistic wellness, including cryotherapy, is a tricky business. If set up correctly and run skillfully, it can be very rewarding. If not, it may never or hardly break even. If you are like most of us in the cryotherapy industry: 

  • Sometimes you don't know what to do
  • Sometimes you are too involved in the business to see things for what they are
  • Sometimes you are challenged by change
  • Sometimes you are growing too fast to keep up
  • Sometimes all it takes to get "unstuck" is talking it through with someone like yourself, but external, independent, and unbiased

This is where all the experience accumulated by CryoProsUnited since 2010 comes in. Schedule a FREE SUCCESS CALL, let's see what we can do to support you. The help you need maybe within an arm's reach. Just follow this link and pick time to discuss your needs.

  • Expert situation assessment and improvement suggestions
  • Consulting and coaching on business setup, operations management, safety, customer care, marketing, or sales 
  • Documenting any part of your management system
  • Developing and implementing a sustainable employee training process
  • Independent and unbiased "2nd opinion"
  • Free recommendation of possible solutions 
  • Hands-on help of agreed scope and duration, if requested

Looking for a good tool? Check out OUR SUGGESTIONS

From building your website and landing pages for promotions to sending out automated e-mails, managing bookings, providing training to new employees, or maintaining records, some tools work better than other. See if we have something to recommend by clicking HERE.

"Instead of one person working on 5 things, have 5 people working on one thing." /Tony Robbins/

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