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Meet our CORE TEAM

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Cryotherapy and wellness is a language we speak quite well   

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Who we are and WHY WE ARE QUALIFIED to help your business excel

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Among the core team members, we have 20+ years of walking the walk as cryopreneurs

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Collectively we cover topics from operations management to marketing, sales, and memberships

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Extensive network

Over years, we have developed close relationships with most industry experts

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Professional team

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Hello, fellow cryotherapy business owner!

I am Antra Getzoff, the Founder of CryoProsUnited, and I am excited we've met, as I have no doubt we can help each other and grow stronger together.

We are very much alike. We have both taken huge risks and left something well-established behind to enter uncharted territory. I just did it sooner than most. In 2010, I left not only a good career, but also my home country to move to the United States with nothing but two suitcases and a dream that Americans may fall in love with cryotherapy as much as I had.

I started building my new cryo business from scratch. There was no awareness, and cryotherapy market was simply non-existent; so, the beginning was rough. Only one person showed up at my soft opening. I spent endless hours researching and trying to figure out the best way to explain what I was doing, the best approach to grow. Against all odds, I made it work - in 2016, my company reached $1M in sales, and I made my first 6-figure income.

Now I have amazing partners who want to see the cryotherapy industry blossom as much as I do. Our team's shared vision, passion, knowledge, experience and connections WILL HELP YOU SUCCEED.


Skyler Scarlett is our team's most publicly known member, thanks to two appearances on ABC's Shark Tank - in 2016 as a successful contestant and in 2020 as a guest presenter.

Skyler and his sister Brittney started Glace Cryotherapy in Carmel, California, in 2013 when the number of retail stores was still very low and cryotherapy was seen as an exotic new experience rather than a commitment to wellness. They successfully sold their first location in 2016 and a cryotherapy franchise in 2017.

Another location followed in Mountainview, CA, in cooperation with a billion-dollar health club chain. In just 420 sq. feet and with one employee, the business was able to generate more than $400,000 in revenue.

For his business acumen, Skyler has been featured in Forbes and Entrepreneur. During his cryotherapy career, he has administered tens of thousands of cryotherapy sessions and sold more than $1M worth of wellness services and more than 1,000 memberships. 

Skyler's favorite topic to teach is SALES, and we are partners and team members because we love using what we know to help others. Reach out and see for yourself!




Rick Walton is our MARKETING expert, believer in continuous learning, and a true team player.    

Before starting Cutting Edge Cryo, his cryotherapy business, in 2016, Rick spent 6 years as a medical device representative for invasive spine surgeries. Helping people with various spine conditions and disabilities and seeing the healthcare system from the perspective of reaction rather than prevention, he realized how much people needed an alternative way of alleviating pain, healing, and fighting atrophy to the body.

Just after leaving the medical field, Rick established a holistic wellness center in Lewisville, Texas, which is now state-of-the-art facility and a benchmark for many. In 2018, he also obtained a real estate license.

Rick's passion is not only helping his clients achieve optimal wellness but also teaching fellow business owners how to establish better presence in the market to share the wonderful wellness therapies and technology with more people.

From tips, tricks, and educational seminars to completely done for you services, Rick and his skilled team is ready to help you avoid frustration and waste of money on cookie-cutter marketing agencies.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step." /Lao-Tzu/

You are just one step from making your life easier >>>


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