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If you own a cryotherapy business or want to start one, CryoProsUnited is FOR YOU!

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Get access to an ever-growing library of useful resources: study results, treatment regimen recommendations, case studies, success stories, DIY guides and marketing materials. Never miss industry news. Print and display your membership certificate to boost credibility

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In exchange for a small monthly fee, ensure unlimited access to ALL premium content we create - from training courses to in-depth study reports, made-for-you material downloads and ready-to-implement growth strategies. Save money and get better results with less effort faster

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This category is for associate corporate members - equipment and service providers to cryotherapy businesses. There is no membership fee. Instead, choose projects to support, participate in creation of more valuable content and share your expertise with more people. Give us a call!  

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To give our paying members MAXIMUM ATTENTION and RESULTS when they come on board, we don't keep enrollment open all year long. Instead, we announce a 1-2-week upgrade window every time when we add a new piece of proprietary content. Make sure you have signed up for free and keep an eye on your mailbox not to miss our updates - the next opportunity to join PREMIUM is COMING SOON!

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"I am so excited to have come across your website. The information you provide is amazing and very helpful."

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"Thank you for your CryoProsUnited initiative. I can honestly say that it has been an enormous help to me."

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"I am so thankful for the amazing resources that you have prepared and share with us. It really helps us for our social media."

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"Love, LOVE this new content! It makes my life SO much easier!"

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"Love your commitment to educating others."



WE INVEST our time and money in increasing the awareness, use and impact of natural and holistic health-enhancing practices.

WE WORK to grow cryotherapy industry in credibility, size, reach, and unity. 

WE STRIVE to strengthen competitiveness and profitability of every member.

WE VALUE and practice competency, objectivity, honesty, transparency, respect, and contribution. 

WE GENERATE trust through ethical behavior and evidence-based approach to information.

WE PROVIDE equal opportunities and cooperation conditions to all members and prospects.

WE DO NOT engage in any activities that arise a conflict of interest between us and our members.

WE BUILD partnerships that result in opportunities for all members, and beyond.

WE BELIEVE that together we will become the new voice of wellness.

These are the questions people like YOU FREQUENTLY ASK:

"The best way to predict your future is to create it." /Abraham Lincoln/

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