Cryo Against Pain Resources for Cryo Locations


Join us in promoting cryotherapy benefits for pain management and helping 1M people get pain free, and grow your client base!


We, cryotherapy entrepreneurs, know how powerful this treatment can be in fighting inflammation - the cause behind many painful disorders.

The number of people who live in chronic pain is on the rise - it affects more than 20% of the world's population. It means that 1 out of 5 people in your community could be your clients for pain alone, but are they?

This is what 1M People Pain Free initiative is about - boosting awareness of cryotherapy benefits against pain and driving more people your way. We are providing FREE RESOURCES and SUPPORT, all you need to do is CLAIM THEM.





(1) ORDER A POS STARTER KIT (it will attract your every visitor's attention to the pain relief benefits of cryotherapy. These materials will do the job for you and act as a conversation starter and a sales tool).

(2) WATCH THE WEBINAR RECORDING in the Introduction section of the RESOURCES LIBRARY (this will take a deeper dive into everything you can count on during the 1M People Pain Free project).

Here is what you will miss IF YOU DON'T JOIN:

(1) THE SUCCESS PATH BLUEPRINT - a free eBook with 5 easy-to-implement steps to attract more clients right away while also saving some marketing money. 

(2) RESOURCES LIBRARY - business improvement and cryotherapy application articles, research results, case studies, success stories and ready-to-use visuals for marketing purposes. 

(3)  POS MARKETING MATERIALS to spark your client's interest about cryotherapy for pain management and to act as a conversation starter about their own treatment regimen.

(4) A PROVEN PROCESS to follow in your communications with clients.

(5) SUPPORT in a form of group coaching calls and Q&A sessions.

(6) INCENTIVES, RECOGNITION, and AWARENESS through telling your and your clients' success stories.

(7) A COMMUNITY of other cryotherapy business owners who for insights or advice.

P.S. We will also be working on group-priced complementary pain management PRODUCTS to boost your bottom line.

P.P.S. The best stories will go into A BOOK planned for late 2020.


Not making a decision IS making a decision. It’s choosing to stay where you are.

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