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Stay on top of the game with our TRAINING PROGRAMS for cryo BUSINESS OWNERS and OPERATORS, whether just starting or advancing

Every success begins with MASTERING THE ESSENTIALS

Why do extreme cold applications benefit us? How does whole-body cryotherapy work? What results can be expected? Does technology or treatment temperature matter? Is it always safe to cryo? For how long and how often should it be done for the best outcome? WE HAVE EVIDENCE-BASED ANSWERS in a form of online courses - the fundamentals for all business owners and operators and advanced material for experts:

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW to provide whole body cryotherapy effectively and safely. 5 modules (the mechanism, safe application, and protocol suggestions for performance & recovery, health, and wellness) and a certification exam. No academic education or industry experience  required


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The EXPERT course

An ADVANCED course to become a certified WBC expert, accredited by National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), Athletics and Fitness Association of America (AFAA) and National Athletic Trainer Association (NATA). 9 chapters of research-centered material and a certification exam


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Why take an evidence-based course? YOU WILL LEARN


AND you will be able to build authority and trust in the industry by confidently presenting the following:

  • The working mechanisms of exposure to heat and cold
  • Research findings of whole-body cryotherapy benefits 
  • The critical environmental and personal factors to ensure safety and to maximize treatment effectiveness
  • Customized recommendations of the safest and most effective treatment regimen for every client and condition

You will also be able to avoid complaints and possible injuries, and strengthen the reputation of your cryotherapy center.

How to know which course is RIGHT FOR YOU:


Both courses contain videos with slides, pdf downloads, integrated knowledge checks with exams, personal certification, and literature database. The ADVANCED course goes deeper into research for sports, medical applications, and vitality/beauty, and addresses also isolated mechanisms and treatment effects on skin, core and muscle temperature. This course also provides Continuing Education Units from NATA.

The FUNDAMENTALS course (5 modules and exam):

  • The concept of cryotherapy
  • The commonly accepted terminology
  • The types of cooling and differences between them
  • How does whole body cryotherapy work
  • The elements of cryotherapy effects
  • Effectiveness requirements and limitations
  • Benefits and indications for sports & recovery, medical conditions, and general wellness
  • The risks and possible adverse effects
  • Individual differences in reaction to cold and the need for customization
  • Providing whole body cryotherapy safely
  • Research-based considerations for the optimal protocols per indication
  • Establishing recommendations
  • Getting commitment from the client
  • Protecting the business from fines, claims and lawsuits
  • Available literature
  • Exam and certification  

The ADVANCED course (9 modules and exam):

  • Physiology of hot and cold
  • The art of whole body cryotherapy
  • Technology and the respective outcomes
  • Positioning WBC in practice
  • Indications for sports, medical conditions, and vitality/beauty
  • Considerations for the protocol
  • Improving the efficacy
  • Improving safety
  • Assessing the client's thermal profile
  • Clinical reasoning
  • Establishing recommendations
  • Optimal cryotherapy implementation
  • Isolated mechanisms and effects:  skin, core, muscle
  • Research in sports: WBC before, after, for disorders
  • Research in medical field, by condition
  • Research in vitality/beauty realm
  • Exam and certification accredited by NATA, NASM, and AFAA


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"In all things, success depends on previous preparation." /Confucius/

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