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WELCOME to CryoProsUnited - the Ultimate Charging Hub for Cryotherapy Businesses and the Home of "1M People Pain Free by the End of 2020" Challenge!




I am Antra Getzoff, the Founder of the International Alliance for Cryotherapy Professionals and the engine of it.

I am so glad you are here! It suggests that we have a common interest in or a passion for cryotherapy 😉.


The industry is rapidly growing.

It's great, as it suggests that people are taking better care of themselves and "a pill for every occasion" approach is being challenged by nature-based holistic health enhancement practices like cryo.

Unfortunately, it also attracts dishonest fast money seekers, increasing potential risks for cryotherapy businesses and their clients alike.

I established the Alliance to contribute to credibility and sustainable growth of the industry by uniting and supporting its participants - cryotherapy locations like YOURS. Alliance means a RELATIONSHIP among people, groups, or states that have come together for mutual benefit or to achieve a common purpose.

Our MUTUAL INTEREST and COMMON PURPOSE is prosperity of the industry we are building, isn't it?

Its reputation, credibility and growth will ensure that we have profitable businesses, healthy clients, good lives and happy families.


The Alliance (CryoProsUnited) is a membership platform built by cryotherapy entrepreneurs for cryotherapy entrepreneurs.

We welcome cryotherapy business owners from all over the world and work together to amplify the good trends in the industry and to counter the bad.


Tony Robbins says: "Instead of one person working on five things, have 5 people working on one thing".

YOU have worked hard enough for long enough to deserve some help and a little rest, haven't you? 😊

My team and I are looking forward to serving you. 

Join Us if You Are...

... an existing or prospective CRYOTHERAPY PROVIDER - our membership program is FOR YOU! As Associated Corporate Members (or Partners), we also welcome  MANUFACTURERS and DISTRIBUTORS of cryotherapy equipment, SUPPLIERS of products or services to cryotherapy businesses, and RESEARCH INSTITUTIONS with interest in benefits of cryotherapy. 

Here's How We Can Help:

We will ENHANCE your visibility and credibility. We will save you both time and money by ensuring ACCESS to an ever-growing library of information, knowledge, resources and tools that benefit your business. We will provide you with administrative, financial and legal SUPPORT and PROTECTION through our network of expert partners. We will facilitate CONNECTION building and networking, both online and through events.

"Your life will never change until you do something different." /Zig Ziglar/

Let's do some great things together!


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