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"ALLIANCE" MEANS RELATIONSHIP among people, groups, or states that have joined together for mutual benefit or TO ACHIEVE A COMMON PURPOSE.


We are BRAND-NEUTRAL. It means being objective and all-inclusive. We have no affiliate relationship with any provider of industry-specific products or services and no conflict of interest with any member.

At CryoProsUnited, we believe in having a STRONGER VOICE BY BEING UNITED. The better you do in YOUR BUSINESS, the better for the INDUSTRY. The more respected the industry, the higher the growth potential for its participants.

TOGETHER, WE CAN build the industry in the most constructive and far-reaching ways - by working hand in hand with other wellness businesses and health care professionals, by lobbying for pro-natural-recovery legislation and policies, by supporting meaningful studies, and by using their results to inform our treatment practices.

Collectively, let's be THE NEW VOICE OF WELLNESS. Join us!

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