Boosting the Bottom Line with Products that Sell, In-Store and Online

@cryoprosunited May 18, 2020


This is a summary of information exchange on complementary wellness PRODUCTS THAT SELL and boost the bottom line. The discussion took place in the Cryotherapy Professionals Group on Facebook between May 11 and 17.

Not everybody has added physical products to their offering and those who have currently sell mainly in store, not online.

The article discusses choice of products, potential risks that some of them may come with, as well as underutilized opportunities. All examples were provided by cryotherapy business owners, and, for disclosure, there is NO commercial interest in mentioning any of them in this material.

Before diving into the product categories and where to find them, just one important point, made by Justin Knechtel, CEO of CryoEffect ColdSpa in Chicago:

whatever gets added should be to deliver EVEN BETTER RESULTS for the clients, not just to make more money. The message and the offer need to remain cohesive, as only then we can support the bottom line while...

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Re-Opening Safely. Best Practices of Adjusting Client Flow and Procedures

@cryoprosunited May 11, 2020


This is a SUMMARY of exchange of information and opinions in Cryotherapy Professionals Group on Facebook between May 4 and May 10. We talked about the adjustments that the cryotherapy centers have been making in order to comply with the state or city rules and to ensure safety of clients and employees.

As you will see from this article, opinions on what is a reasonable safety precaution differ. Not only some countries or states have stricter rules than the others. It is also about the business owner’s beliefs and relationship with the clients. At any level, there is no consensus about what safety means in these circumstances, and there is no “one size fits all”, either.

While many people are scared and cautious about resuming their pre-crisis habits, others are eager to get back to their favorite treatments and thankful they can. As a result, some centers report their business being very slow post re-opening while others have full schedules to the maximum...

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The Costliest Mistakes in the Cryotherapy Business (and How to Avoid)

@cryoprosunited May 04, 2020

This is a summary of exchange of information and opinions in Cryotherapy Professionals Group on Facebook between April 27 and May 3. Two of the topics, choosing the right equipment for the business and insurance challenges, will be covered in separate more in-depth articles following this publication.

This article explores 2 aspects of the cryotherapy business that have long-term implications and can “make it or break it” - choice of the location and equipment purchases. Exactly the same principles apply to the holistic wellness field, in general, although the examples provided are cryotherapy related.

At the end, we also address a few marketing decisions – another topic that definitely deserves a separate deep-dive.


There is no one right answer to what a good cryotherapy location is. We have seen an extremely busy cryotherapy center hidden deep inside a multi-office building without even a sign on the facade, a mainly empty beautiful-looking...

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How Alia Alston is Designing Success of Icebox Cryotherapy Studios

@cryoprosunited May 01, 2020

From a “Crazy Idea” to Shaping the Future of the Cryotherapy Industry

As I am writing this story, most cryotherapy centers in Europe and the United States have been closed for anywhere between 4 and 8 weeks, due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Businesses are hurting, and there is anxiety in the air. Cryopreneurs are trying to help each other in any way they can, while we all understand – the post-crisis world will not be the same. To survive and thrive, we will need to be better organized, smarter and stronger than ever before.

Michael Hyatt says: “No one drifts into greatness, it only happens by design.” So, I am sitting down with one of the most successful American cryotherapy business owners Alia Alston, the founder of the rapidly growing Icebox Cryotherapy Studios, to talk about what designing for success actually means.

The beginning

Alia Alston and I have known each other for almost a decade.

Her father, a Tallahassee-based chiropractor, was among the...

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The Power of Collective Wisdom [If You Want to Go Far, Go Together]

@cryoprosunited Dec 16, 2019

What Works for Other Cryotherapy Businesses May Also Work for Yours

A Few Ideas from Conversations in Cryotherapy Owner Forums

Over the years, I have been paying close attention to the conversations in various internet forums for cryotherapy businesses, and the input from the peers has helped a lot. It also convinced me that sharing the experiences in a more structured way would help, so that more people can benefit (that's how the CryoProsUnited idea was born).

For a small business owner, the most expensive resource is TIME. Any research is very time-consuming, and not every useful online conversation could be picked up.

This article not only summarizes observations and ideas expressed by various cryotherapy business owners, but also refers to very practical advice and sources of information and products. Just pick what appeals to YOU and put it to work!


But let’s start with a little self-assessment first to establish where YOUR business stands and, therefore,...

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A Few Ideas on How to Become a Destination in Your Community

@cryoprosunited Dec 09, 2019


One of the biggest challenges of owning a cryotherapy location is the ability to rely only on people who live or work in close proximity and the need to have them come back again and again to see the results that cryotherapy can provide.

One treatment is just 3 minutes long. For a result, at least 10 consecutive treatments are required. In combination with the very niche nature of the business, generally low awareness of cryotherapy benefits and an out-of-pocket expense, sustaining and growing the business becomes a challenge.

Unless... you turn it into a destination for the community by tapping into people's need for a sense of belonging and the growing trend of supporting local businesses.

This article offers 5 ideas to turn a cryotherapy location into a go-to place. Why not for pain management, provided the proven cryotherapy's ability to reduce inflammation?

SO, 5 Ideas to Turn Your Location into the Ultimate Go-To Place 

Photo by Vonecia Carswell, Unsplash...

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Competing on Value, Not Price. Out of the Box ideas from Other Industries

@cryoprosunited Dec 02, 2019


This article was inspired by a question that some cryotherapy business owners asked back in April when we were conducting a pre-launch survey for CryoProsUnited:

“How to compete with franchises that under-price their services?” 

So, let's discuss some ideas on how to stand out from the competition without lowering the price and sacrificing profits.


You can't make EVERYONE happy

The answer to how NOT to compete on price begins with defining the IDEAL client. It must possess two important features:

  • A REAL NEED for the services that you provide
  • Availability of the RESOURCES to pay for your work

So, the 1st question is: are you marketing to the right crowd? If yes, price will never be the primary factor. If not, even lowering it will hardly produce the desired results.

Let's discuss the options and one commonly made mistake - talking features, not benefits. 

Cryotherapy has 3 possible target audiences:

  • The “athletic performance and...
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The Need and the Opportunity to Oppose Conventional Medicine

@cryoprosunited Nov 25, 2019


This article is based on a true story that needs to be told to illustrate the hypocrisy of the pharmaceutical industry and fed by it conventional medicine. Its purpose is to encourage holistic wellness locations, providing cryotherapy, oxygen, light, float, massage or other holistic treatments to be bolder in marketing messaging and to use the powerful mental trigger of a “common enemy”.

Why "common enemy" is an incredibly powerful marketing approach

It’s proven that “People will do anything for those who encourage their dreams, justify their failures, allay their fears, confirm their suspicions, and help them throw rocks at their enemies." (this Blair Warren’s quote is a GREAT guide to craft marketing messages that truly work).

Some businesses, especially the ones in nutrition, use these 5 principles extremely successfully, as they openly oppose and contrast the health-damaging offerings of the fast food industry:

Wellness industry, including...

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Is There One Cryotherapy Industry, or Two? The Importance of a Honest Conversation

@cryoprosunited Nov 18, 2019

The myth of "the only true cryotherapy" needs busting 

We are providing "the only true cryotherapy" is a marketing message you will find on many websites of businesses offering whole body cryo. Likely, its main purpose is to attract prospects to the particular location and to warn them not to go to the competitor two blocks away - we all have ways to convince people that we are better than the rivals.

In this case, though, there are more serious consequences.  I find this marketing strategy short-sighted and industry-damaging. Here's WHY.


Dividing the cryotherapy FOR GOOD?

This article was inspired by correspondence that I recently had with a company selling and installing electrically cooled whole body cryotherapy chambers.

In response to my invitation to join 1M People Pain Free challenge by CryoProsUnited, aimed at boosting awareness of cryotherapy benefits in reducing pain, came the following e-mail:

“IMAGINE us being part of this campaign,...

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Cryotherapy Industry is Changing. Insider's View on How to Navigate the Market and Be Prepared for What's Coming

@cryoprosunited Nov 12, 2019

Is 10 years a long time? It does not feel like it for people in their prime – there is not much difference in what one can do in mid-40-s as opposed to mid-30-s. But it’s enough for a helpless infant to turn into a smart-ass 4th-grader or for a rebellious teenager to become a young ambitious professional or a parent. So, it depends on where we are in the life cycle – dramatic change happens fast early and late in life, while much more gradual development takes place through the adult years.

The same is true about companies and about entire markets. Take-off of cryotherapy in the United States could not be a better example of it. In 10 short years, the infant has grown into a 4th grader, the parents have got some grey hair along the way, but it’s just the beginning - the “dreadful” teenage years are rapidly approaching.

This article is my insider’s look at where we are in the life cycle of cryotherapy industry, what’s happening, and...

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